About Paul

Author Paul A. Stankus is a poet, short story writer, and author of three books, including his first children’s book, The Ripple of a Lie, a visual representation of the effects of playground gossip and lies.  Always observant, he finds a simple absurdity in life -- that single grain of truth --that he weaves into a masterful tale.

Paul churned nearly 250 short stories about his experiences as a new father into his book, Dad Desperately In Need of Training Wheels while commuting daily in the last car of the DC Metro train. As the DreadPoet Roberts, Paul led a virtual poetry jam every Monday evening for nearly five years, composing over 150 poems on the spot with nothing more than a name, a place, and an action shouted out by the audience.   His audience has grown from a small handful to a routine of 5 storytellers to an assembled crowd of over 100 patrons nightly. 

Paul currently has several writing projects in the works, including a book of poetry, and an 18th century pirate trilogy.  In his spare time, he is a board member of the Gaithersburg Book Festival where he was a featured presenter in 2012 and hones his craft by editing books for friends.  He balances his time writing with daytime gig wrangling federal funds for schools.  Mostly he does it for the children -- but it also pays for his writing vices. 
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